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Looking Up

by Soluss

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Quicksand 02:06
Take my hand Steel your grip We don't make plans We're just sinking in the quicksand. My heart is full of love. But it won't show out, its full of love. Why do we stay asleep? Stay asleep. Am I making sense? I'm not making sense. I understand, that you too friend Are sinking in the quicksand Tell the world i'd love to see their grins Id love to see their grins - Something Poetic Half a ballerina Her arms raised high, but we could hardly even see her We couldn't see her lower half Should have call for help, when the sand reached her calves Tell us what you need Before you sink above the knees I can't... Tell you all the time that I've been standing here alone And I think I'm at a standstill... I feel like I've fallen and I cant stand still I feel dumb I can't feel I feel numb Sometimes I just feel done And I'm not the only one Sometimes they don't feel son But krapow! Kradaat! I wonder if they feel that If I rap about money and a steel gat do you feel that? Cause I feel that, knock into your brain like a steel bat, but I guess I said the first part...trying to write a verse is the worst part. Cause we don't make sense... And we don't make plans We just sit here and just sink inside the quicksand.
Raptor rappers You cats are actors and L-Agators We get nothing but wins so smell you later Relax and let the rhyme from Me and B elevate ya Funky fresh is on the come up Just like some elevators You know we're gamers So we're smashing all the buttons So the rise has taken time But I promise we're up to something Been. Here for a while, and it seemed we were up to nothing Bout to open up the flood gates and you'll really see us bubbling 100 floors 100 doors If you want another track we'll drop 100 more Son does it for The fans and the community The N E R D S's that got bullied just like you and me They look at me with incredulity Like who is he? Really rapping to. Who's he really trying to sell his fashion to? Ill have to get back to you for now I'm on a mission to focus with ambition and get the whole world to listen!
On my first day, I still top Your best morning Try to doom emcees to halos they just keep respawning Goldeneye try to leave em with a high fps blast em to oblivion Final Fantasy's next I missed When I pulled the Chrono Trigger I don't cross the line when my rhymes are going bigger Missed em with the RPGs I guess Ill jump to platforms racing to Armored Armadillo trying to duck a bat swarm Ia that warm? When you stand next to my fire flower I dont have a chain but I Castlevaina entire tower I devour Ya whole Fatal Frame Survival horror explorer, I ain't playin no games. Call me Resident Evil when I drag you to a Silent Hill, this music's E for everyone but gets violent still Its a game but we still keep it real
Elephant 02:12
Is this the type of rap to get me tracked on the radio? Or are you cats just pullin my leg? I'm pullin my weight pullin for change flowin for ye dangle fame before your face but then they pull it away They wanna ask me if Son is for left or right politics All I wanna do is get another beat and polish it Break it til the dollars spent Hatin lets abolish it We're fighting for a land that was swept from under these moccasins You love your flag. But use it for decoration. In separate or equal station we abuse the declaration Now if we hold these truths to be self evident Then why are hate and violence so prevalent Listen to their rhetoric As they explain to us the issues Try to raise your voice and they dismiss you You try to make a difference But your just Wasting your time I'm just trying to spread a message with my rhymes Force feed the medicine Ignore the Elephant Media lies cry, for an unorthodox king when you die you're just a number unless you're kissing the ring Hate from a throne, that's made up of blood bones and things try to fly with the eagle but he's missing a wing Get it? He'd get it fixed but the debt would probably kill him must be color blind to miss all of this blood spillin standing in a line with many ready and willing but this bird played his fans, cause the hero is the villain you can stand up and voice your opinion or back down and obey like a minion I hope your hearts in it put darts in it and start spinnin like you're in the dark, and it's dark and the windows in your cars tinted and now you've got an apple on your dome The bowman is a blind man with an apple on his phone with a bite spied from the right side before the apple's even grown so we push until this progress is shown. Ignore the elephant force feed the medicine.
What ever happened to the good music? disregard the rap, send it back and call it hood music that sit back relax, make you feel like you should music that I'm bout to go in like, oh I wish you would music everybody is just puppets with a merry life, tie me to a string as I dive deeper than Barry white rhyme beast with like 9ft on this very kite so even when I fly I'm close to grounded like a scary flight No I don't mean a plane crash Rapper's bitin Common like sayin D-D-D-Dame Dash And there's this thing that's drivin me wild I gotta see what's up before it gets me down or it gets me at all lotta other rappers trying to get me to fall but ya boy cold as winter Summer better than others when I spring into action turn competition to cinders. word up.
One hundred thousand rappers battle me only one rattles me that's Hett from the future, time machine blueprint the light from his flow I do squint, like the sun implodes and then explodes again leaving you emcees in the ashes SON rise like the phoenix Spread wings turn face to hit your weakness peep this incinerate these rappers with attacks from his esophagus put labels in a tomb and seal your tracks in a sarcophagus Ain't it scary? Put your tapes in cemetaries mismark your grave so no emcees can find my sanctuary stray stars play cards against my graveyard but it ain't hard to slay bars I spin the track like Hagar Royal blood takes everything that we want The Hydra killing everything because we got The venom in our flows and the venom in our thoughts It's the venom when we spit and the Venom when we talk
Son of Andy __________ I remember Christmas in 1998 the story of +3 from Bronson's stated date Grandpa handed me a box with a box in it and at the time I just did not get it that G knew what was at home waitin a shiny new N64 game station Open up the box.. and what do I see? There was a guy with a bomb and he was lookin at me! It said "Bomberman Hero" on the font How did my Grandpa know this is exactly what I want I took it home turned it on and I was blown away sat in my room on the television alone for days Save the whole universe one planet at a time with music so crazy that we should sample it and rhyme this was the day that started my gamer craze Christmas at my Grandpa's house, in 1998.
Finch 01:51
You're not alone don't have to do this on your own sitting by yourself, like whatcha doin on your phone You seem down..you were acting like a clown.. but the makeup went away when nobody else is around you say its all bad.. and you may truly believe it but i need you to take that thought and just leave it... I know exactly what you mean I'll never know your situation but i can tell you how it seems Cause.. I can empathize i bet there's dark tempered skies and draining feelings running through your mind but please stay here i know you're feeling like you wanna go but please stay near It might feel bad to hide it..maybe better to admit it... the world's a better place because you're in it. It might feel bad to hide it..maybe better to admit it... the world's a better place because you're in it. I mean she's got art and... he's got singing she's got spark but then he's got love there must have been an angel that was sent from above, because we all have talent, and we all have life maybe it's not your time, maybe not doing it right, but that doesn't mean that there is nothing left. I wanted to be a chef, actor, artist, director, writer and with all that I started to rap Now it's been ten years, and now we're starting to slap but I'll never give up because it's part of my act get it?
You've gotta slow down, your moving too fast life's too short to take a bullet in the..... dreams that's the theme cause everything in life is just not what it seems but I guess were looking in the window wheres the door? It's so cold outside when do we get in? wheres the key, when do we fit in who dares to see where do we begin? Getting tired pasting these flyers digging with a shovel but we're only getting higher see twitter away all of your privacy give it away without the piracy download the music keep the music on the down low and ground those who use it.. I put my heart into this music [Buck Nell] Remember The days A lot of people fighting but i'm still writing what's right when ill hype men night life with no hyphen aight then these kids aren't smart These kids aren't sharp, I think it's time for me to send them more pike-men. Y'all holding holsters Y'all supposed to be the poster child a generation older I'm not supposed to be broke and wild loss of breath like my head's back and I'm in the rain Am I supposed to drown? Get up and do something! Anything just do something! We're indecisive CHOOSE! We're all addicted to the snooze button... But you've gotta wake up.... You've gotta wake up.... [Buck Nell] Remember the days
Tie me to horses drag me off to ya fortress drop hate and lock the gate let me spit until the door splits and i exit wearing forces y'all aren't siting your sources like courses or classes the horsemen make you nauseous I don't want beef i pass cows like victor Son's the victor verses put cats in the "Pet Semetary" It's scary bring you back milk the profits for dairy then brag about the cream and cream I made like Ben and Jerry's Son raps like lighter fluid and a matchstick arms are crossed within the crowd but their thinking that's sick Can't see me need to put ya fork to beta keratin so cold suppose you'll throw ya torch to crates of Kerosene And now your thinking that's hot I backspace the page and I'm thinking that's not time goes by too fast I need a tighter clock this is the Son's new song and he calls it writers bl.....


This album is for everybody.
I hope you like it, and I hope you get something out of it.
Thank you everyone.


released December 29, 2018

Produced by Dagon (Son of Andy)
Created entirely at Broken Horn Studio in Michigan.

Freestyle Fanatic
Mega Ran
Tha Villain
Buck Nell
Art by Lauren Lauver
Executive Producers-Dan and Nik Ianucci

A special thank you to all of my friends and fans that believed in me enough to make our kickstarter a massive success.


all rights reserved



Soluss Michigan

Soluss is an emcee & producer from Michigan. His vocabulary and theatrical stage performance help him stand out. Taking inspiration from East coast hip hop, 80's synth, nerd culture and even Polish folklore, Soluss is sure to provide a unique listening experience.
Soluss is inspired by artists such as
David Bowie, Too Poetic, La Roux,
Pharoahe Monch, Clear Soul Forces, Crimson Alchemist more.
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